April 30, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Dev community priorities post launch

Firstly, the response to the testnet launch has been amazing. I woke up to over 400 messages on telegram 🚒

We’re still processing the deluge of feedback, but I can give an update on the dev community’s priorities for the next 24-48 hours based on what we’ve read so far:

Network partition issues.

We’ve identified one issue that’s causing the bulk of the network partition issues: The windows node binary we released at launch has a bug that prevents it from talking to other (non-window) nodes. (Almost everyone develops on a Mac or Linux, so we missed this). We’ll be releasing a windows binary update in the next 12 hours that will fix this particular issue.

There are other network and Tor issues as well, which we’re continuing to investigate.


There are lots of questions on node installation, particularly on Windows, so we’ll be updating the docs based on the feedback we’ve received.

Stuck and pending transactions in the app

These are almost all related to the networking issues discussed above, but we’re considering additional improvements to the app in upcoming releases, such as:

  • automatic resending of transactions,
  • canceling stuck txs (in CLI wallet currently)

Emoji Ids

Generally, the Emoji Id concept has been well received, but we’re hearing that Copy & pasting can be inconsistent. It seems like some apps convert emoji into images which breaks emoji id sharing. We’re looking into ways to make Emoji ID sharing robust. In the meantime, the QR code is a reliable means of getting your Tari address into people’s phones.

Anything we haven’t covered? Want to fix it yourself? Awesome! You can help make Tari better: https://www.tari.com/#contribute