May 04, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Bug update list

The dev community is continuing to work through the feedback and bug reports we’ve received so far. To date, they can be bucketed into a few main categories. The dev community has started working on most of these issues and we should see improvements in the next few releases.

Synchronisation issues:

Blocks are not being broadcast around the network fast enough to prevent a large number of orphans. The main cause for this appears to be due to connections between nodes and wallets being dropped for no apparent reason, making the network far more partitioned and fractured than it should be. Fixing this issue is a very high priority.

The same issue is resulting in countersigned transactions not reaching their destinations, resulting in “Stuck in pending” transactions — particularly between wallets.

There are some incoming PRs that will be included in an upcoming release that will include “resend” logic for transactions. Combined with improved node connectivity, this should dramatically improve the stuck transaction issue.


There are lots of tickets about installation issues. We’re tackling this on two fronts: a) making the installation process more seamless to begin with and b) Updating README’s and docs to cover the most common installation gotchas — Please help: If you’ve figured out an installation gotcha, or had someone from the community help you out, why not document your findings in a PR and become an official Tari contributor?

Mempool issues

We’ve picked up some bugs in the mempool code that’s resulting in it handing invalid blocks to miners. PRs with fixes should be incoming in the next day or two.

General wallet issues

We’re aware that the wallet balance is being displayed incorrectly in some cases. Battery consumption is high on Android. We want to stabilize the app performance before tackling this. Stuck and pending transactions (See above). Emoji ID copy and pasting. Some applications convert UTF-8 string to images, breaking emoji id transfers. Also some emoji are not supported on older Android devices.

Release schedule

We plan to issue weekly releases on the Tari download page for base node binaries; and in the App store, unless severe issues force interim updates. The plan is to tag a release on Wednesdays for release the following Monday. This will allow those who wish to run bleeding edge versions to test the new release for issues for a few days (by compiling from source) ahead of the weekly release.