May 06, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

UI changes, bug fixes, and what's next

There’s a new release of the Aurora Android Wallet in the Play Store as of this morning (v0.1.10-jniLibs-0.9.1).

Here’s what’s new:

Features and UI changes

  • In push notification titles, if the sender is in your address list, you’ll see their alias instead of the emoji ID.
  • Now you can shake your device to go to the debug screen.
  • Transaction status messages are more specific about where you are in the transaction process.
  • You can exit from the app using the back button on the home page.
  • Foreground service notification click behavior is fixed. If you tap on the notification, you’ll be taken directly to the app (quite a few of you have mentioned this issue).
  • Several other cosmetic improvements.

Stability and bug fixes

  • Fixed a UI bug that caused the transaction list to not scroll to top after a fling & scroll combination.
  • Fix for a transaction list interaction bug.
  • Implement a less strict internet connectivity check and fix the copy for one of the connection error dialogs.
  • Fix a crash on “not authenticated state” on home activity creation
  • Fix a home activity memory leak.
  • New Matomo events (see tari-project/wallet-android#271 for details).

Coming up

This is what the android wallet community is currently working on:

  • Transaction cancellation. You asked for it, the Android wallet community is delivering!
  • Better deep link interactions.
  • Improved bug reporting features.
  • Consistent emoji ID treatment and better copy-paste portability

Stuff we want to do, but are on the back burner for now (unless you’re an android dev and want to dive in with a PR):

Reducing battery consumption

  • f-droid builds

In the meantime, the core protocol contributors are also smashing the bugs leading to stuck and pending transactions (stuck transaction issues are almost all due to problems on the blockchain P2P network. Once those are sorted out, you should see most transaction issues magically go away – and battery consumption will most likely dramatically improve along with it; which is why we don’t want to dive into that issue right away).