May 08, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Preview of the next iOS Aurora release

Here are some of the tasty treats in store for the next iOS Aurora release:

Features and UI changes

  • You can now manually cancel transactions that get stuck in a pending state from the transaction detail view as long as the recipient hasn’t accepted it yet.
  • Pull to refresh on the transaction list to force a re-sync with the base node.
  • (Secret feature) Long press on the “Copy Emoji ID” button to copy the id in hexadecimal format. Base nodes and wallets will accept this format as emoji ID addresses.

Stability and bug fixes

  • Emoji ID display behaviour fixes
  • Fixes a bug causing the app to occasionally crash when entering an amount to send
  • Fallback to device pin when Touch ID or Face ID is unavailable
  • Onboarding UI improvements
  • UI fixes for smaller iPhones on transaction detail view