May 10, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

New iOS and Android updates for Tari Aurora

Tari Aurora 0.1.3 (iOS) / 0.1.11 (Android) Release Notes

The Aurora wallet keeps getting better. Some really exciting new features in the latest Aurora wallet release.

Tari Aurora v0.1.3 (iOS)

Shiny new features:

  • Cancel any transaction that hasn’t yet been accepted by the recipient
  • Long press the Emoji ID “Copy” button to copy the hex public key instead of emojis
  • Pull to refresh on your transaction list to re-sync it

Boring but still useful:

  • Fallback to device PIN when Touch ID or Face ID is unavailable
  • Fix for UI issues on for smaller iPhones on transaction detail view
  • Fix for bug causing the app to crash when entering an amount to send
  • Last but not least, the animations in the onboarding flow have been refined to make the first-time user experience snazzier and more intuitive.

v0.1.11 (Android)


  • Implement “Cancel transaction” CTA (TX list updates, push notifications and TX details statuses is yet to come)
  • Add crash reporting
  • Fix BigDecimal rounding bug, making it look like receivers were paying fees.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes