May 11, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Network performance issues, upgrade notes to 0.2.3

We ran a stress test late last week that exposed quite a few issues with how the base nodes relay messages. For those interested, a community member submitted 36,000 transactions to the network almost simultaneously and it wreaked a bit of havoc. Devs are still sifting through the debris of that test, but it has significantly affected overall network performance over the last few days. The network obviously needs to be able to handle traffic like that gracefully and this is why from the chat on #dev-tari, there’s even more focus on network reliability this week.

The network troubles are also having knock-on effects with the Aurora wallets and The TTL Store.

We recommend upgrading your nodes to development HEAD (if you’re compiling from source) or version 0.2.3 (coming shortly on to include several improvements to the base nodes that were submitted over the weekend.

Speaking of Aurora, there have been over 500 unique downloads of the wallets since launch meaning that the mobile developers have tons of bug reports and crash feedback to work through.