May 22, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

v0.2.5 Release notes

v0.2.5 focuses on node stability and network performance.


  • Add a get-state-info command to display current base node state (#1880)
  • Message tracking for testnet troubleshooting (#1881)
  • Added OSX section to (#1888)
  • Add the version command to base node CLI
  • Add get_cancelled_transaction_by_id to FFI & update cancel callback
  • Adding GetCalcTiming function to gRPC service (#1872)

Performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Refactor the validators to ensure that each validation step only completes once (#1873).
  • Add local pub key to the source and dest fields for cancelled txs in FFI (#1893)
  • Switched the BlockEvent stream to Tokio broadcast (#1889). Reduce the memory footprint for block event broadcast channel by using a tokio broadcast channel.
  • Chain metadata service not updating metadata on reorgs (#1890)
  • Update sending of Tx Reply & Finalise msgs to send SAF if Direct fails (#1876)
  • Limit unnecessary storage of messages with duplicate content. (#1862)
  • Fixed block_forward sync to add blocks via local interface to ensure that events trigger correctly.
  • Fixed a typo in mobile build script (#1875)
  • Replace deprecated bigint with uint (#1874)