May 26, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

New iOS and Android updates for Tari Aurora

The Aurora wallet keeps getting better. Some really exciting new features in the latest Aurora wallet release.

iOS v0.1.13

Spring is a time for small pleasures: Flowers blooming. Birds chirping. Better visibility around network status and progress when you first send a transaction.

Other changes aside from the new animation above:

  • Canceled and expired transactions now appear in your list
  • Ordering items from the TTL store now requires fewer steps
  • Emoji IDs that don’t have contact names now appear in your Recent Transactions list.
  • Shaking the app to report a bug no longer opens multiple windows
  • Comms private key moved to phone’s keychain
  • Devices with no biometrics or passcode enabled can now bypass the warning to use the app (but c’mon you really should be using a passcode)
  • Onboarding UI polish

Android v0.1.13

  • Added cancel transactions support!
  • Adds support for default note and amount support for deep links
  • Prevent the opening of debug screen in background mode.
  • An update for emoji processing - removes IBM ICU library and relies on the Tari emoji set. Save ±8MB from install size!