May 28, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Fluffypony and Naveen Jain on Monero Talk

How to set up a Tari base node on Ubuntu

Get the answers to some interesting questions about Tari straight from the horse’s pony’s mouth as Riccardo Spagni and Naveen Jain join the Monero Talk podcast to discuss all things Tari.

It’s a great insight into how things have gone from conception to testnet, the journey to create something people will find truly useful, how Monero benefits from Tari, and the importance of preserving liberty & privacy in the digital age.

If you’ve got questions about Tari, this video is 100% worth watching.

Side note: play along by taking a shot every time Fluffypony sips whiskey.

Table of Contents

  • How was the experience for conception to testnet launch? 2:25

  • What can people do on Tari today? 6:37

  • Are you just working on the code or are you thinking about bringing in partners to help Tari? 9:43

  • Is Big Neon still making progress 11:23

  • Why would game developers look to Tari? 14:00

  • How does Monero benefit from Tari? 19:18

  • People have expectations but everything Tari is doing is open source 30:25

  • How about these people who are calling Tari Labs the Blockstream of Monero? 32:31

  • The open source legal listing framework, what progress have we seen there? 36:46

  • What is the emission schedule for Tari? 39:20

  • How are you guys feeling about Monero these days? 45:33