June 04, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Base node v0.3.0 release

Tari base node v0.3.0 release

Tari Base Node v0.3.0 is available for download!

Note: This release includes a breaking change to the local blockchain DB. A node upgrading to this version will need to delete its existing db and resync the blockchain.

Important: You do not need to delete your wallet. Fake funds are SAFU.

To reset your database, follow these steps:

  1. Stop your node.
  2. Locate your Tari data folder. The default locations are ~/.tari on Mac or Linux and %USERPROFILE%\.tari-testnet under Windows.
  3. Delete the rincewind/db and rincewind/peer_db folders in their entirety. You can leave dht.db, and the wallet directory intact.
  4. Restart your node. Re-syncing takes an hour or more right now.

New Features in this release

  • Several of back-end changes (hence the need to reset the db) to accommodate pruned mode nodes.
  • Several new gRPC endpoints for use by the block explorer (and future wallets) (#1922)
  • Increase redundancy for Store and Forward messages (#1929). This PR increases the number of nodes that will see and store a SAF message when it reaches the neighbourhood of the destination.
  • Have Messaging protocol substreams close after a period of inactivity (#1913)

Bug fixes

  • Fix mobile build by emitting cargo:rerun-if-changed directive automatically for protobuf (#1926)
  • Fix missing Source and Destination Pubkeys in FFI Transaction Cancellation callback return (#1933)