June 05, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

New iOS and Android updates for Tari Aurora

Previously, you could not receive or complete Tari Aurora transactions without opening the app in the foreground each time. Now, transactions will be able to silently complete in the background thanks to new app extension background sync functionality. If this process fails for any reason, you’ll receive a push notification.

And if that’s not enough for you…

iOS v0.1.14

  • The TTL Store is now available in an in-app browser
  • Share bug reports via other apps if your device’s default mail app is not setup
  • Fix that prevents multiple debug menus from being opened when shaking
  • Pull-to-refresh improvements on the transaction screen
  • Deep link fix for links with emojis (handling URL encoded emojis)
  • UI polish on various screens

Android v0.1.14

  • The TTL Store is now available in an in-app browser.
  • A more responsive transaction list & improved UI stability overall.
  • Updates Tor proxy version to
  • Various smaller bug-fixes and performance improvements.