June 17, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Bumper changes a-coming

It’s been a while since the last developer update. But that’s not because development has eased up. There are a few yuge updates and features in the works, but they’re taking a little longer to get out the door than was originally anticipated.

The various contributors have been in their hovels / burrows / cages (I assume that’s where developers live) putting on the final touches to these big new features:

  • New emoji set (we discussed this quite a bit in the last update).
  • Aurora wallet backups and restores, for both Android and iOS. Yup, your tXTR are still worthless, but 1,500,000 x 0 is better than 0 x 0 for some people.
  • Low Power mode for Aurora Android. Yes! You asked for it, the mobile contributors are delivering!
  • More efficient block propagation between nodes (reducing block-related bandwidth up to 90% in some cases).
  • Not enough?

Are you not ENTERTAINED?!

  • Well how about pruned mode? Pruned mode dramatically reduces the amount of data needed for initial block download when starting up a fresh node. The pruned mode sync implementation is about 80% done.
  • Oh wait, there’s more! I don’t want to give the game away, but it rhymes with “rock hack sporer”.

Reminder - Merge mining discussion

The Tari community is continuing the discussion on Proof of Work algorithms on Freenode IRC in #tari-dev. If you have an opinion, let’s hear it. For context, the full transcript of the community meeting on this topic is on tari.com.