July 07, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Developer community update

Hello Tariland! Here’s a quick note to keep you all abreast of what the dev community is currently involved in.

Another stress test incoming

The Tari developer community will be running another stress test on the Tari Testnet on Wednesday, 8 July. The network will be highly congested for the duration of the test, so you can expect longer than usual transaction times and (possibly) failed transactions.

The core dev contributors have been working tirelessly to make the network more robust and if things go perfectly, there will be a massive dump of transactions and then 5 - 6 hours of full blocks as they get mined out. Performance under heavy congestion has improved dramatically in each test so far, and so there’s some cautious optimism that the network will handle this test gracefully. 🤞

Mobile developments

The mobile community is currently working on wallet encryption. This is a key feature for obvious reasons.

There have been a few reports trickling in that the Aurora iOS app is crashing sporadically. This is on the dev community’s radar, so bear with us while that gets sorted out.

Core protocol developments

You know how the last 20% takes 80% of the time? Pruning mode is definitely an example of that little truism, but things are moving forward slowly but surely.

There’s also a lot going on under the hood to support wallet encryption, and finally, preliminary work has begun on separating the wallet and the base node into two separate processes.

The Proof-of-work debate is reaching a conclusion, and it looks like rough community consensus will be reached soon. You can catch up on that conversation on Freenode IRC at #tari-dev.