July 22, 2020

By Cayle Sharrock

Developer update

The mobile community is working on the following features to make Aurora even better:

  • Automated backups and wallet restore is currently in beta testing. A full roll-out of this highly anticipated feature is expected in the next week or so, barring any unexpected roadblocks.
  • The Android version of Aurora is also getting its own automated release process on Github actions. When live, this will free up several hours a week for the lead maintainer to focus on building awesome features for Aurora rather than wrestling with the Android build process and the Play store.
  • The Aurora community is currently discussing some new designs for the transaction feed, which aims to bring more information about your transactions front and centre and,
  • (I love this one) a Nav bar to help you find several great features that are currently hidden away a little bit.

Things are also moving on the protocol and base node front:

  • Work has started on cleanly separating the wallet process from the base node executable. This feature will take some effort and so is an ongoing process.
  • A few of the core protocol contributors have started working on a merge mining implementation for Monero. This is likely to take a few months, so even though the overall proof-of-work strategy has not been finalised yet, merge mining will be in the picture, so it makes sense to get a head start on that.
  • There’s also some work going on looking at a few reliability edge cases that popped up during the last stress test.