August 21, 2020

By Mike Berry

Tari Base Node v0.5.3 Released

Major changes since v0.4.2

  • Add option to sync with a pruning horizon (Experimental)
  • New application tari_merge_mining_proxy which XMRig can be connected to in order to merge mine Monero blocks. (Experimental)
  • Correctly setup wallet default onion and local forwarding ports (#2150)

Minor features and bug fixes since v0.4.2

  • Migrate to thiserror and remove derive-error
  • Present an emission curve algorithm that uses only integer math
  • Add user agent to peer in list-peers and list-connections commands
  • Various comms layer improvements
  • Reorganize GRPC files
  • Add the functionality for an external application to request a complete Coinbase transaction from the wallet by providing the reward, fees and block height at which this coinbase will appear.
  • Fix Windows Tor installation script (#2115).
  • Removed admin requirements from Windows installation
  • Add search via kernel, STXO and UTXO functions to the backend and to the CLI
  • Add extra validation to wallet_get_pending_X_transaction_by_id
  • Added support for OS-assigned proxied listening address (#2138)
  • Add support for optional rolling log files to FFI library (#2133)
  • Multiple OutboundProtocolExited events for the same peer are acceptable and should not cause a panic. (#2132)
  • Fix Tor download URL for the Windows installation (#2148)
  • Fix mining ON/OFF toggle delayed response (#2096)


  • First iteration on the tari comms RPC protocol