October 19, 2020

By Mike Berry

Tari base node v0.5.8 released

This week we saw nodes with version v0.5.6 and higher upgrade to new consensus rules at block 120,000. There were also contributions to distributing seed peers via DNS and some more work done on the console wallet.

Testnet reset 28 October 2020

It’s been about 6 months on the current testnet and the development community has uncovered a lot of bugs, but a reset has been long overdue. The next release (planned around 28 October 2020) will start from height 0 with a new genesis block. This means that any testnet tXTR that you have in your wallet will disappear, so it’s probably best to exchange it for some goods at the TTL store before then. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the Telegram or IRC channels.

NodeJS integration tests

PR 2339 adds the beginnings of some much needed integration tests in NodeJS. This is a great place to help out if you have Javascript skills and would like to get involved.

Tari Base Node v0.5.8 released

Release v0.5.8 is a minor release that includes some changes to the wallet console application.

Major changes since 0.5.6

  • Console Wallet Automation for send and make-it-rain PR

  • Added a check after block sync that the difficulty advertised by peers is at least as high as the actual difficulty of the synced chain. PR

  • Implement transaction sending in the TUI and introduce an asynchronous event monitor to update TUI state based on wallet backend events. PR

  • Fix target_diff calculation. There was a bug in the calculation of target difficulty introduced in v0.5.6 where the current block time was included in the difficulty window.

Minor changes since v0.5.6

  • Added a DNS seed resolver that parses TXT records to obtain seed node details (PublicKey, Addresses) tuple. This has not been integrated with any Tari applications yet. PR

  • Small refactor of fetch_headers PR

  • Change Tor archive location for Windows install PR

  • Add node.js integration tests PR

  • Expose latency for last call for client RPC connections PR

  • Update TUI Transaction listing and Contact management PR

  • Migrate the now deprecated and unmaintained dirs dependency to dirs-next PR