October 27, 2020

By Mike Berry

Tari base node v0.6.0 released. New testnet Ridcully!

Testnet Ridcully released with base node v0.6.0

The current testnet Rincewind has reached its end. Ridcully will replace it starting with a new genesis block. If you have a previous base node, you should uninstall it first and do a clean install of v0.6.0. The install packages are available on the downloads page.

Major changes since v0.5.8

  • Removal of Blake proof of work algorithm
  • Addition of Sha3 proof of work algorithm
  • Reset genesis block for testnet Ridcully
  • Remove linked kernel field from kernel
  • Remove metadata field from kernel
  • Add config option to disable wallet in Base Node PR
  • Remove DhtJoin reply and only send join when node comes online PR

Minor changes since v0.5.8

  • Set port + 1 for base node wallet in TCP mode PR
  • Simplify and improve thread config PR
  • Reduce base node service request timeout PR
  • Increase short term ban duration PR
  • Clean up errors in DHT pipeline PR
  • Various improvements to network discovery PR
  • Bug fix for offline connectivity state PR
  • Remove cyclic ban if online PR
  • Fix for network discovery state machine spin loop PR
  • Fix transaction service bug with tx send/receive cancellation PR
  • Base node block sync RPC service PR
  • Add more integration tests PR

Console wallet changes since v0.5.8

  • Display connected peers in TUI PR
  • Implement pending transaction cancellation in the TUI app PR

libwallet changes since v0.16.7

  • Add a client key-value store to the wallet and wallet_ffi PR