November 25, 2020

By Mike Berry

Tari base node v0.6.1 released

After the Ridcully testnet reset, the community has been able to find and fix some critical bugs. Release v0.6.1 brings a number of fixes including an important fix to the process of recovering from an unsuccessful reorg. This should make the network more stable and prevent network segregation due to banning.

The community has also implemented a number of fixes and features in the console wallet, including showing the balance and custom fees.

Distributing seed peers via DNS is included in this release, but there are no official DNS seeds yet. If you’d like to test it out on your own DNS, the format is specified here.

Major changes since v0.6.0

  • #2431 Database refactor to replace MMR checkpoints with a more efficient and simpler approach; fix reorg failures
  • #2352 Add DNS seed support in base node
  • #2383 Implement daemon-mode in tari_base_node. Starts the base node in a non-interactive mode when the --daemon-mode argument is present
  • #2419 Allow specifying a custom fee in the console wallet

Minor changes since v0.6.0

  • #2448 Add OpenSSL to Windows install, runtime
  • #2434 Add supervisord setup notes
  • #2439 Provide initial sync status to merge mining proxy
  • #2377 Message malleability detect and ban
  • #2447 Fix for xmrig powershell script
  • #2440 Stagenet Setup Guide Corrections
  • #2444 DHT connectivity waits for comms connectivity before starting
  • #2427 Update merge mining runtime, README, Win install
  • #2420 Show base node chain tip and sync status in the console wallet
  • #2421 Fix QR code rendering in the console wallet
  • #2423 Plumb in the balance in the console wallet
  • #2415 Prevent loop in peer sync by storing all peers attempted
  • #2407 Simplify automated stress test
  • #2397 Fix preset config files
  • #2400 Implement wallet base node service
  • #2403 Add exclusive file locks to Wallet, Chain and Peer db’s
  • #2408 Fix wallet conversion error for a valid tx status
  • #2356 Combine validation code to use same function in pruned and archive mode.
  • #2371 Add configurable BN service request timeouts
  • #2430 Implement entry and persistence of custom base node in console wallet