January 18, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Base Node v0.7.2 released

Version 0.7.2 brings a number of major changes. Most notably block sync speed has been increased dramatically with the merging of #2436 for SHA3 blocks and #2483 for RandomX blocks. The blockchain database structure has changed, so you’ll need to delete your db folder and sync from scratch.

Nodes are now downloading seeds via DNS at seeds.ridcully.tari.com.

A standalone SHA3 miner was also merged, fixing a lot of the bugs in the miner included in the base node. In the near future the wallet and miner in the base node will be removed entirely.

Some other major changes:

  • #2477 Integrate Rewindable outputs into Transactions. This is a precursor to wallet recovery. By storing information in the bullet proof, a wallet will be able scan the blockchain to find UTXOs that belong to it.
  • #2496 Remove Pending and Orphan pool from Mempool. These extra pools were open to abuse and only catered for advanced scenarios, which were not yet implemented. At a later stage they may be added back, but for now the community decided to remove them to simplify development and testing.
  • #2494 Add console wallet passphrase encryption.