February 01, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Release v0.8.1

Stibbons Testnet Reset

Version 0.8.1 has been released a new genesis block, starting a new testnet: Stibbons. If you have an existing Ridcully node, it’s best to remove it completely and start a fresh node.

Console Wallet

  • Wallets can now be recovered using seed words #2560
  • Better transaction handling when switching base nodes #2558

Base Node

  • Pruned mode, a core feature of Mimblewimble, has been fixed and allows fast synching of the blockchain while also using less storage space than a full archival node. #2544
  • The maximum number of RandomX virtual machines can now be set in the config to enable running on low memory machines. #2567

SHA3 Mining Node

  • The stand alone SHA3 miner logic has been improved to boost mining hash rate #2539

All changes since v0.7.2

  • #2587 Correct block times
  • #2572 Fix console wallet runtime calls
  • #2559 Add Cucumber to CI
  • #2574 Update libwallet build for Github actions
  • #2583 Remove “add one to port” hack in console wallet
  • #2585 Move generated proto files to OUT_DIR
  • #2584 Update fee vs amount being sent validation
  • #2578 Fix submit block in integration test
  • #2576 Remove Ridcully references from Stibbons code
  • #2582 Remove generated proto files from tari_core
  • #2577 Fix for auotmated wallet startup
  • #2544 Stibbons Testnet
  • #2569 Update timestamp for Stibbons
  • #2567 Add ability to set maximum number of RandomX VMs
  • #2568 Fix off-by-one error in target difficulty
  • #2566 Assign wallet GRPC port for cucumber tests
  • #2565 Refactor wallet bootup to not cause confusion
  • #2564 Fix cucumber tests for Windows use
  • #2561 Add WalletTransfer feature to cucumber tests
  • #2560 Implement wallet recovery from seed words
  • #2550 Encrypt Node_id and Tor_id at rest
  • #2563 Update default wallet confirmation time
  • #2562 Fix returned field name in getTransactionInfo call
  • #2558 Implement TXO validation on Base Node switching in LibWallet
  • #2557 Run cucumber tests using release mode
  • #2553 Added getVersion call to wallet GRPC
  • #2555 Up stibbons lock height
  • #2545 Implement new Transaction Broadcast Protocol using base node RPC
  • #2511 Add chain height to list-connections output
  • #2549 Update ReadMe for iOS build on Big Sur
  • #2542 [Merge Mining] Remove merge mining template on successful submission
  • #2548 Remove unused sys-info dependency
  • #2516 from mikethetike/mb-pruned2
  • #2539 Boost mining speeds