February 09, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Release v0.8.2

Tari Release v0.8.2

Version 0.8.2 has been released. This release was mainly to fix a bug in the target block time that was set too low in the Stibbons Testnet, which resulted in a short network split.

Wallet Notify in Console wallet

The ability to run some code whenever a wallet receives or sends a transactions, commonly referred to as “Wallet Notify”, after the config setting in bitcoind, allows for some very simple integrations. This function is now available in the Tari Console Wallet. For example, you could write a script that sends an email or posts to your favorite chat app whenever your wallet receives, sends or completes a transaction.

Changes since v0.8.1:

Console Wallet:

  • #2618 [console-wallet] Implement WalletNotify for console wallet TUI mode
  • #2590 [console-wallet] Add filter to exclude not yet mature utxo’s from transaction creation
  • #2610 [console-wallet] View QR code on console wallet on low res screens
  • #2597 [console-wallet] Add TXO validation to console wallet

Base Node:

  • #2615 [base-node] Cucumber test for GRPC method relating to block explorer
  • #2609 [base-node] Restore get_network_difficulty GRPC method
  • #2604 [base-node] Move capping of target difficulty
  • #2596 [base-node] Update default pruning horizon to 1000

Merge mining proxy:

  • #2595 [MM_Proxy] Submit to origin daemon configuration
  • #2593 Added Wallet Identify GRPC Methods, updated tests


  • #2607 [chore] Fix tests
  • #2601 [chore] Add seed node names to preset config
  • #2600 [chore] Remove unmaintained bigint dep
  • #2598 [tests] Fix tests breaking due to Fee vs Sent amount validation
  • #2599 [tests] Add cucumber integration test txn status
  • #2571 [chore] Remove test net temp code
  • #2570 [chore] Wallet db migration cleanup
  • #2611 [chore] Fix tests
  • #2480 [docs] Update pool mining on mainnet readme