February 18, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Release v0.8.4

Tari Release v0.8.4

This release adds the stand alone SHA3 miner tari_mining_node to the installers. Some stability fixes were added to prevent store and forward message floods.

Binaries are available here

Tari Mining Node

To mine with the tari_mining_node, you’ll need to start a tari_base_node and a tari_console_wallet with GRPC enabled (both are enabled by default). The mining node mines at least 50% faster than the previous miner included in the base node. You can specify the number of threads to mine by changing the num_mining_threads under the [mining_node] section of the config.

Changes since v0.8.2

Base Node

  • #2635 [base-node] Add user agent to peer display info (#2635)
  • #2626 [base-node] Add duplicate input_output tx validator


  • #2656 [wallet] Fixed timelocked balance
  • #2632 [wallet] Update TXO validation protocol to use RPC interface to base node
  • #2624 [wallet] Set confirmations required via libwallet and config
  • #2644 [wallet] Add unique constraint to commitment in outputs table
  • #2637 [wallet] Update Transaction Receiver protocol to persist transaction earlier
  • #2625 [wallet] Remove the Tor identity getter from the FFI
  • #2614 [wallet] New Transaction Validation protocol for Wallet
  • #2619 [wallet] Add tx sending mechanism to wallet
  • #2658 [wallet] Fix wallet startup

Mining Node

  • #2652 [mining-node] Recreated symlinks without extension
  • #2649 [mining-node] Add mining node to distribution

Merge Mining Proxy

  • #2631 [mmproxy] Fix missing Content-Type header in some json responses
  • #2616 [merge-mining] submit_block returns OK if block was submitted for tari or monero


  • #2655 [tests] Remove cancelled output excluded test
  • #2647 [tests] Minor improvements to DHT logging
  • #2653 [tests] Speed up Transaction Info Cucumber test
  • #2643 [common] Dont propagate messages we have already
  • #2612 [ci] Optimize integration tests
  • #2651 [tests] Fix num confirmations test backend
  • #2641 [common] Retry peers that have been marked as offline after a length of time
  • #2650 [ci] Allow CI to use latest mdbook
  • #2627 [tests] Double spend test for mempool transaction selection
  • #2623 [chore] Add extra logging to help investigate fee mismatch
  • #2630 [common] Shorter ban for RPC negotiation timeout in header sync, RPC timeout configurable
  • #2629 [chore] Clean up duplicate check
  • #2628 [tests] Add test_find_duplicate_input
  • #2648 [ci] Run cargo test with verbose output
  • #2638 [common] Ban peers that flood messages
  • #2636 [explorer] Add a nodejs block explorer
  • #2634 [fix] Dont store messages of a banned peer
  • #2613 [tests] Add unit tests for lock heights
  • #2660 [tests] Fix flaky test
  • #2659 [common] Fix Windows runtime startup issues