March 02, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Release v0.8.5

Tari Release v0.8.5

This release is a minor release mainly containing fixes and updates to the wallet libraries that the mobile Tari Aurora apps use.

Binaries are available here

Tari Script RFC up for comments

RFC 201 and RFC 202 relating to Tari Script have recently been merged into the development branch. In RFC stage they are still up for scrutiny and comment. The development community will start implementing these in the near future, so it’s a great time to read through them and have your say.

Changes since v0.8.4

Base Node

  • #2711 [base-node] Set default for blocks_behind_before_considered_lagging to 0
  • #2680 [base-node] Change list-headers to view chain_headers instead
  • #2674 [base-node] Add delay_lagging option to config to delay the time a node will go from listening to lagging


  • #2700 [wallet] Add discover-peer to console wallet command mode
  • #2695 [wallet] Register coinbase in Console Wallet TUI
  • #2693 [wallet] Add stream to console wallet grpc server

Merge Mining

  • #2691 [merge-mining] Update XMRig version installation
  • #2699 [merge-mining] Restored proxy to functional state


  • #2713 [tests] More CI integration test improvements
  • #2712 [tests] Make Cucumber stop async
  • #2710 [tests] Add cucumber reports and tests clean up
  • #2688 [tests] Update ignore reason in tests
  • #2704 Build all tari binaries and include in artifacts and disable feature builds with a single CPU build
  • #2702 [chore] Fix merge issue
  • #2686 [tests] Implement stress test cucumber test
  • #2698 [tests] Fix wallet_ffi test
  • #2696 [ci] Fix windows CI after intrin file was moved
  • #2701 [chore] NPM audit fix