March 12, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Release v0.8.6

Tari Release v0.8.6

This release contains a fix for nodes running with a pruning horizon (#2677), as well as the final separation of wallet from the base node.

Binaries are available here

Changes since v0.8.5:

Base Node

  • #2735 [base-node] Add messages in last 60s to status
  • #2733 [base-node] get-block command accepts height or hash
  • #2736 [base-node] Fix state machine never bootstraps with empty network
  • #2677 [base-node] Fix UTXO horizon sum calculation
  • #2715 [base-node] Remove wallet from base node
  • #2709 [base-node] Removed miner from base node
  • #2705 [base-node] Create minimal log4rs sample for seed nodes
  • #2646 [base-node] Add GPRC call to search mempool


  • #2741 [wallet] Fix duplicate coinbase key generation, derive from height
  • #2731 [wallet] Add list-utxos and count-utxos to command mode
  • #2730 [wallet] Fix make-it-rain bug
  • #2724 [wallet] Add whois command
  • #2722 [wallet] Wallet should not broadcast invalid transactions
  • #2708 [wallet] Fix base node selection UI not visible
  • #2707 [wallet] Allow transactions sent to self

Merge Mining

  • #2692 [merge-mining] Submit_block AUX data includes tari block hash


  • #2742 [tests] Fix rate_limit test flakiness
  • #2732 [common] Expiry of SAF messages
  • #2737 [tests] Tweak Cucumber stress tests to make them more stable
  • #2728 [docs] Write up of wallet to wallet negotiation with TariScript
  • #2726 [tests] Add custom log path for cucumber tests
  • #2727 [tests] Update cucumber stress test timeouts
  • #2720 [tests] Fix failing cucumber tests
  • #2717 [tests] Fixed clippy errors and warnings for cargo clippy --all-targets
  • #2719 [tests] Update Cucumber stress test to be a Scenario Outline
  • #2723 [common] Add explicit rejection reason to RPC handshake
  • #2687 [tests] Fix commslayer tests
  • #2703 [common] Update README for Tari Mining Node
  • #2690 [common] Use rusttls for dnssec for peer seeds