April 02, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Base Node v0.8.7 Released

Tari Base Node v0.8.7 Released

Version 0.8.7 of Tari Base Node and related executables has been released. This is minor release with many fixes. Rewinding and reorging got a bit of attention with allowing to reorg past the pruning horizon, and also a fix to handle reorgs larger than 1000 blocks. These scenarios may be unlikely in mainnet when it’s released, but it is still fairly easy to test and confirm these two scenarios in testnet.

Work is continuing on Tari Script and you can follow the pull requests to the tari-script branch here.

Changes since v0.8.6


  • #2825 [wallet] Correctly log RPC error messages
  • #2824 [wallet] Output error message for ConfigError
  • #2818 [wallet] get_transaction_info no longer errors if any transaction is not found
  • #2819 [wallet] Clear UI before starting UI loop
  • #2798 [wallet] Add MinedUnconfirmed to command mode wait stage
  • #2793 [wallet] Add menu to console wallet
  • #2765 [wallet] Friendly incorrect password message
  • #2753 [wallet] Update base node service to use RPC
  • #2762 [wallet] Implement wallet recovery process in LibWallet FFI
  • #2761 [wallet] Differentiate “funds pending” case in UTXO selection
  • #2748 [wallet] Added saf message duration to configuration

Base Node

  • #2814 [base-node] Add previous hash check to sync validator
  • #2759 [base-node] Fix handling of large chain reorgs in header sync
  • #2813 [base-node] Add rewind-blockchain and improve header-stats command
  • #2795 [base-node] Update mempool consensus validator to check weight excluding coinbase
  • #2738 [base-node] Rewind prune mode behind horizon
  • #2768 [base-node] Add transaction consensus validator
  • #2764 [base-node] Remove reorgs from total tx count
  • #2755 [base-node] Node bootstraps after initial sync if all other nodes are h=0
  • #2751 [base-node] Minor fix for list-headers


  • #2807 [merge-mining] Added getLastBlockHeader cucumber test
  • #2792 [mining-node] Added additional command line arguments
  • #2791 [merge-mining] Add stdout information
  • #2767 [mmproxy] Expanded cucumber tests for merged mining proxy
  • #2743 [merge-mining] Fix logic flaw in proxy_request_to_monerod


  • #2826 [common] Add rpc_max_simultaneous_sessions setting to config
  • #2823 [chore] Fix import
  • #2822 [chore] Update prettier paths
  • #2815 [comms] Connection manager requester not exposed on CommsNode
  • #2820 [chore] Use prettier for integration tests
  • #2821 [other] Add memory net summary
  • #2757 [ci] Add all-targets to clippy
  • #2796 [docs] Add WalletNotify info to config samples
  • #2773 [tests] Add custom log file paths for wallet and mmproxy
  • #2763 [tests] Update mempool waits to be dynamic
  • #2769 [ci] Increase Cucumber CI to include all tests except “long running”
  • #2747 [docs] Update rfc 201 for coinbase
  • #2760 [chore] Removed some unused dependencies
  • #2576 [common] Increase flood ban config
  • #2572 [tests] Add cucumber test verify meddling with MMR sizes
  • #2754 [common] Emit rerun-if-changed directives for include protos
  • #2745 [ci] Point Circle CI status badge to development branch only
  • #2744 [docs] Minor Fixes
  • #2740 [chore] Remove the text_message_service from the wallet (#2740)
  • #2739 [docs] Document the NO_OP TariScript vulnerability