April 14, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Base Node v0.8.8 Released

Tari Base Node v0.8.8 Released

Tari Base Node v0.8.8 has been released. It is a minor release, but includes a fix that should prevent network splits due to blocks being overwritten in the LMDB database by competing threads. The development community noticed that base nodes would calculate the target difficulty incorrectly when there was a large number of transactions in blocks. This increased the time taken to propagate blocks and resulted in a number of small one block reorgs. It was also possible to start mining on a base node while it was syncing, causing an unpredictable state in the database. These issues have been fixed in this release.

Changes since v0.8.7

Base node

  • #2840 [base-node] Always output message when base node exits with an error
  • #2830 [base-node] Add rpc sessions to base node status line


  • #2839 [wallet] Fix console wallet menu spacing
  • #2816 [wallet] Improve wallet recovery resiliency
  • #2834 [wallet] Add wallet recovery cucumber test, seed words to file


  • #2829 [common] Add database concurrency check