April 21, 2021

By Stanley Bondi

Tari Merge Mining added to nodejs-pool

Tari Merge Mining Pool

Early support for Tari Merge Mining has been added to the Tari fork of nodejs-pool.

If you are adventurous and would like to run your own merge mining pool on your local machine, or deploy it on a public server you can find some basic instructions to get you started in the README.md.

If one or two evenings of devops doesn’t appeal to you, we’ll be making our deployment of nodejs-pool available for anyone to use in the coming days. You’ll be able to connect your miner (typically xmrig) to the pool. Just provide concatenated (tari:monero) wallet addresses and earn both testnet coins.

For example, if your Tari address is c6037038cce673cf1c1e26e7b7609ffbbba297eae4caf3ce7123a949c7af0162 and your monero address is 581EfC8NL2yLZyavVrY2dGZNsqBzzcU5yE8iLrFwPLkQHxUckaWy8vjeLntrynGoBwLeKTBdgJ2rR66ZiqKogkhpS8DAMR3 your xmrig config will be as follows:

  "url": "address-to-pool.com:5555",
  "user": "c6037038cce673cf1c1e26e7b7609ffbbba297eae4caf3ce7123a949c7af0162:581EfC8NL2yLZyavVrY2dGZNsqBzzcU5yE8iLrFwPLkQHxUckaWy8vjeLntrynGoBwLeKTBdgJ2rR66ZiqKogkhpS8DAMR3",
  "pass": "miner-mcgee:[email protected]",
  "coin": "monero",
  "enabled": true

We’re excited to for the community to try this out!