May 03, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Base Node v0.8.9 Released

Tari Base Node v0.8.9 Released

Tari Base Node v0.8.9 has been released. In this release, we have some performance improvements to the UTXO sync methods. This makes wallet recovery faster and also improves the speed of pruned mode’s initial block download. There are also a few improvements to help debug and prevent network forks due to target difficulty.

Tari script development is progressing but is still in a pre-alpha stage. If you’d like to try it out, you’ll need to download and run the tari-script branch. The first set of functionality the development community is working on is allowing payments to be made without the need for interaction with the other party. These are currently referred to as “one-sided payments” in the RFCs and other documentation. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Changes since v0.8.8:

Base Node

  • #2870 [base-node] Fixes and tidies up prune mode cleanup
  • #2857 [base-node] Optimise pruned UTXO sync streaming protocol
  • #2868 [base-node] Test to reproduce target difficulty problem


  • #2867 [wallet] Add option to write unblinded UTXOs to CSV file
  • #2862 [wallet] Add mined height to display of mined transactions in Console Wallet


  • #2876 [common] Fix incorrect boolean condition
  • #2873 [tests] Fix case of cucumber
  • #2837 [docs] Clarify one sided payment
  • #2871 [tests] Update tests to use sha3
  • #2855 [tests] Fix re-org test