May 10, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Base Node v0.8.10, Test Mining Pool

Tari Base Node v0.8.10 Released

Tari Base Node v0.8.10 has been released. This is a minor release with some fixes to bugs and possible vulnerabilities.

Test merge mining pool

A test mining pool has been released at for testing merge mining with XMR. To connect to it, use the following settings in xmrig:

 "pools": [
            "url": "",
            "pass": "<IDENTIFIER>:<EMAILADDRESS>",

Choose an identifier and email address. It’s still in pre-alpha stage, so email delivery is not guaranteed.

For the testnet Tari, you can get the address from the Public Key field on the Receive tab of the tari_console_wallet or by long pressing on Copy Emoji ID on the My Profile page of the Tari Aurora mobile apps. In this example, I’ll use 1E1CD11B750CD94BDD40916368E1F31119821B8F1B3FE132778B267676C8A955

You’ll need a stagenet Monero wallet address, or you can use the following address: 5AVbkiuchCWiMdF15PzVjsaTtDf8BmG9LQKDEJAdokjuYZJCdJUsoTvDGHMAXcKMhYYvTvQ5y29ozWitA8NECHRsFazgqqz

For example:

 "pools": [
            "url": "",
            "user": "1E1CD11B750CD94BDD40916368E1F31119821B8F1B3FE132778B267676C8A955:5AVbkiuchCWiMdF15PzVjsaTtDf8BmG9LQKDEJAdokjuYZJCdJUsoTvDGHMAXcKMhYYvTvQ5y29ozWitA8NECHRsFazgqqz",
            "pass": "testminer:[email protected]",

Changes included in v0.8.10

Base Node

  • #2902 [base-node] Update Base Node Service monitor to shutdown correctly (#2902)
  • #2874 [base-node] Refactor chain storage and rule out some target diff bugs
  • #2875 [base-node] Insert pruned output audit
  • #2878 [base-node] Emission math audit


  • #2891 [wallet] Fixes possible duration overflow in crossterm loop
  • #2883 [wallet] Update connectivity status when base node changes


  • #2900 [tests] Fix cucumber test (#2900)
  • #2888 [common] Consolidate config files into one
  • #2881 [tests] Add transaction washer util script
  • #2879 [common] Fix potential overflow and improve performance of n_leaves