July 07, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Base Node v0.9.0 Released

Tari Base Node v0.9.0 - Weatherwax Testnet, Now With TariScript

Today the Tari development community merged and released a build of the Tari base node and console wallets that include TariScript. TariScript is described in RFC-0201 and is the first extension to Mimblewimble that Tari is implementing. This release is the first time these features will be available for testing (unless you compiled from source). Note that the block and transaction structure is significantly different from the current Stibbons testnet, so the two testnets are incompatible. The two testnets will also run in parallel until the Android and iOS mobile apps are updated.

0.9.0 (2021-07-07)

Bug Fixes

  • fix missing edge case in header sync (#3060) (0f0fb856)
  • remove unstable impl trait from Tari comms (#3056) (08b019f0)
  • fix db update error (#3063) (b95d558f)
  • remove unimplemented Blake pow algo variant (#3047) (347973e3, breaks #)
  • fix small issues related to #3020 (#3026) (da1d7579)
  • update connectivity manager defaults (#3031) (229830e5)
  • check minimum number of headers for calc-timing (#3009) (b3522027)
  • fix Unique Constraint bug when requesting a coinbase output at same height (#3004) (537db06f)
  • cancel faux transaction when imported UTXO is invalidated (#2984) (472c3086)
  • update console wallet on one sided payment import (#2983) (f45cdc46)
  • fix prune mode (#2952) (f7dc3a44)
  • fix ChainStorageError after a reorg with new block (#2915) (7e99ea59)
  • improve error messages in tari applications (#2951) (e04c884e)
  • merge dev, update peer seeds (#2974) (94ffd185)
  • implement cucumber tests for one-sided recovery and scanning (#2955) (b55d99fe)
  • update rust nightly toolchain (#2957) (812a1611)
  • update failing rust tests (#2961) (ed17fee3)
  • wallet: increment wallet key manager index during recovery (#2973) (c9fdeb3d)

Breaking Changes

  • remove unimplemented Blake pow algo variant (#3047) (347973e3
  • ffi: wallet_create takes seed words for recovery (#2986) (a2c6b17d


  • bundle openssl dependency (#3038) (7fd5c286)
  • bundle sqlite dependency (#3036) (7bd13411)
  • add tari script transaction data structures (#3064) (266b5f1c)
  • implement metadata comsig on txn output (#3057) (8ecbb1f2)
  • software auto updates for base node (#3039) (cf33cdb5)
  • add zero conf tx (#3043) (742dd9e6)
  • network separation and protocol versioning implementation (#3030) (2c9f6999)
  • add filtering of abandoned coinbase txs to console wallet (#3032) (ae15fd9c)
  • add input_mr and witness_mr to header (#3041) (65552cbd)
  • Change script_signature type to ComSig (#3016) (adb4a640)
  • update app state when base node is set by command/script mode (#3019) (4a499564)
  • add sender signature to txn output (#3020) (7901b3ca)
  • display local time instead of UTC. Add new wallet commands. (#2994) (b3760202)
  • mininal merkle proof for monero pow data (#2996) (ac062e57)
  • modify gamma calculation for TariScript (c88d789e)
  • fix birthday attack vulnerability in tari script offset (#2956) (5174de0d)
  • improve LWMA (#2960) (db303e8c)
  • ffi: wallet_create takes seed words for recovery (#2986) (a2c6b17d)
  • wallet:
    • add maturity to transaction detail (#3042) (9b281cec)
    • ensure recovery will not overwrite existing wallet (#2992) (70c21294)