August 24, 2021

By Mike Berry

Tari Base Node 0.9.5 Released

Testnet SHA mining pool

The development community has set up a test SHA3 mining pool at See here for instructions on setting up the tari_mining_node to mine against it.

Tari Base Node 0.9.5

Tari base node and console wallet v0.9.5 have been released. This version includes minor fixes, but mainly fixes a regression caused by v0.9.4 that caused nodes to get into an invalid state after a reorg.

Binaries are available on the download page

Please note that all base nodes should delete their database and resync the blockchain as part of this update.

Release notes

Bug Fixes

  • show warnings on console (#3225) (3291021c)
  • edge-case fixes for wallet peer switching in console wallet (#3226) (f577df8e)
  • chain error caused by zero-conf transactions and reorgs (#3223) (f0404273)
  • bug in wallet base node peer switching (#3217) (878c317b)
  • division by zero (8a988e1c)
  • improve p2p RPC robustness (#3208) (211dcfdb)
  • wallet: add NodeId to console wallet Who Am I tab (#3213) (706ff5e5)
  • wallet_ffi: fix division by zero during recovery (#3214) (abd3d849)


  • add ping() to all comms RPC clients (#3227) (b5b62238)

Breaking Changes

  • base nodes should delete their database and resync