January 06, 2022

By Cayle Sharrock

Tari 2022 - A new year

Clearly, 30 Rock resonates with me.

Happy January 6th.

In the last post, we shared some highlights of 2021. In this post, I’ll briefly share what the Tari developers are working on and expect to roll out on Tari over the coming few months.

A Testnet reset

We’re going to be launching a new testnet, Dibbler, with all the latest bells and whistles in a few weeks. There will also be some friggin’ awesome new swag in the TTL to coincide with this event. Keep your eyes on the Discord announcement channel for news and updates.

Full Yat support in Aurora

Aurora already has Yat support, and the mobile developers will continue to iron out the last few kinks and bugs to bring full, seamless Yat integration to Tari Aurora. You can already:

  • Link your existing Yat to your Aurora emoji id.
  • Buy a Yat.
  • Send tXTR to Yats.

Soon, you’ll be able to share your Yat in transaction metadata so that recipients can add your Yat to their contact list.

One-sided payment support

One-sided payments have been supported at the transaction and console wallet level for some time. We plan to extend this support to Aurora and the TTL store in the coming months.

NFTs on Tari

This is what you all came for, right? In the last three months, there has been a lot of work from several core contributors focused on a proof-of-concept for NFTs in Tari. There’s a non-zero chance that this PoC will be ready for inclusion in the Dibbler testnet.

If you want the high-level approach for the Digital Asset Network (DAN) and how NFTs will work in Tari, then give our RFCs a read.

If you really want to dive into the nitty-gritty, then take a gander at the development branch of the Tari source code.

Tari Launchpad

Firing up your piece of the Tari ecosystem can be tricky right now. Do you want to run a node? A wallet? Both? With or without Tor? With SHA-3 mining? On a pool, or standalone?

Each of these Tari subsystems must be configured and set up to talk to each other. There are also dozens of different settings one can tweak. Getting this all going can be time-consuming.

This is why we’ve started working on the Tari Launchpad. When it’s done, the launchpad will have you running a node, wallet or miner in one or two clicks.

There’s already a primordial prototype that runs on Linux and Mac. It’s available in the weatherwax branch. This is an “all wires exposed” version. The design and development of a beautiful front-end for the launchpad has just kicked off.


There’s still no official date for mainnet launch. When this changes, you’ll be the first to know.