May 10, 2022

By Mike Berry

Tari v0.32.0 Released

Tari v0.32.0 Released

The main change in v0.32.0 is the reworked configuration system. Most users won’t be aware of any changes, but now any spelling errors or invalid configuration settings will be picked up. Previously, any configuration settings would need to be mapped in code which meant that if a setting was never mapped, changing it in the config file would have no effect. More importantly, you’d have no indication of whether it was being used or if you’d even spelled it correctly.

If you are already running a Tari node, the easiest will be to delete the .tari folder and use the config file that is generated on startup. If you’d like to keep your settings, let us know on Discord and we’ll help you migrate it.

All Changes since v0.31.1


  • allow network to be set by TARI_NETWORK env var (#4073) (c27be5c)
  • collectibles: add list assets command (#3908) (5b726a6)
  • merge mining proxy: check achieved Monero difficulty before submitting to Tari basenode (#4019) (b09fa76)
  • p2p: adds tor.forward_address setting (#4070) (8c78717)
  • tari_explorer: add total hashrate chart (#4054) (9e0ec36)

Bug Fixes

  • add Environment cfg source and remove –create-id (#4018) (e59e657)
  • base-node: assign correct base dir to tor identity (#4081) (1464f8b)
  • dht: saf storage uses constructs correct msg hash (#4003) (e1e7669)
  • dht: sets file default for DHT db (#4030) (5b125e7)
  • dns-seeds: use correct cloudflare resolver default (#4029) (c95e589)
  • fix github integration tests (#4008) (aa143c6)
  • github actions (#4014) (a03392e)
  • ignore test that timeout in github action (#4010) (6c5471e)
  • key-manager: remove floating point math from mnemonic code (#4064) (c2d60b3)
  • launchpad build docker images (#4042) (50e2812)
  • launchpad: fix config presets (#4028) (1b8b274)
  • long running and non critical github action (#4009) (3b8cb8b)
  • makes header consensus encoding infallible (#4045) (5ebf129)
  • only count base nodes in peers count in base node status (#4039) (190d75a)
  • prevent seed peer address from being overwritten unless newer (#4085) (59b76c3)
  • support safe non-interactive mode (#4072) (b34f79d)
  • test_output_manager_sqlite_db(_encrypted) (#4025) (7a6f980)
  • update daily test configuration (#4049) (b15d682)
  • wallet: do not prompt for password if given in config (#4040) (fc1aa65)
  • wallet: ensure block hash exists (#4083) (a258984)
  • weird behaviour of dates in base node banned peers (#4037) (7097185)