September 16, 2022

By stringhandler

Developer Update

This week sees a number of stability improvements to the network and wallet. If you’re running an Esmeralda testnet node, you will notice that there are significantly more transactions in the blockchain. That’s because @hansieodendaal and @SWvheerden have been stress testing the network. A number of bugs and performance tweaks have been fixed and implemented as an outcome of this process.

For those not following in Discord, there was a discussion about creating a Stagenet. More details on how Stagenet differs from previous testnets are in the contribution guidelines.

Tari base node v0.38.4

Version 0.38.4 has also been released. Here are some of the noteable changes:


  • ci: add default CI and FFI testing with custom dispatch (#4672) (9242051)

Bug Fixes

  • add burn funds command to console wallet (see issue #4547) (#4655) (0242b1d)
  • comms: simplify and remove possibility of deadlock from pipelines and substream close (#4676) (f41bcf9)
  • fix potential race condition between add_block and sync (#4677) (55f2b9c)
  • p2p: remove DETACH flag usage (#4682) (947f64f)
  • reinsert transactions from failed block (#4675) (8030364)
  • stray clippy error (#4685) (a709282)
  • wallet: mark mined_height as null when pending outputs are cancelled (#4686) (209ee3d)