October 09, 2022

By stringhandler

Developer Update

Development Update


The Tari development community has started engaging with companies to perform an audit of the code base and cryptography.

Base Layer

This week we ran another stress test on the Esmeralda network. Some nodes crashed due to a bug that was quickly patched, but the results look positive otherwise. More detailed results will be published shortly. There have been several stress tests already run on Esmeralda, bringing the network to a size that may take many years to achieve in mainnet. It currently has over 300,000 kernels and over 1.8 million outputs. A pruned node currently uses 1.4GB for the blockchain database.

Tari base node v0.38.5

Version 0.38.5 was also released this week. Here are some of the noteable changes:


Bug Fixes

  • add a macos dependency to compile libtor (#4720) (b41226c)
  • base_node/grpc: audit of error handling (#4704) (595e334)
  • base-node/grpc: fixes panic if invalid kernel mr is given (#4693) (80af7fa)
  • burned reorg (#4697) (08773f4)
  • ci: add cargo cache, reduce Ubuntu dependencies and action on pull_request (#4757) (33e0dc2)
  • cli wallet cucumber (#4739) (62384f9)
  • clients: fix tari nodejs client proto paths (#4743) (88b75dc)
  • comms/peer_manager: add migration to remove onionv2 addresses (#4748) (a92f205)
  • comms/rpc: increase max frame size limit for rpc requests (#4724) (239b64b)
  • comms: fixes edge case where online status event does not get published (#4756) (aab729a)
  • core/mempool: improve perf of retrieve transactions (#4710) (f55762e)
  • core: broken doctests (#4763) (4cbb378)
  • core: improve logging of dropped reply channels (#4702) (9768f02)
  • core: use compact inputs for block propagation (#4714) (c659275)
  • dht/encryption: greatly reduce heap allocations for encrypted messaging (#4753) (195df85)
  • ffi tests (#4713) (4551ac3)
  • fixes cargo check (#4729) (851ba1d)
  • mined tx being invalid (#4735) (24e396d)
  • refactor incorrect cucumber test on burn funds via cli (#4679) (cd183ef)
  • sync handling and increase reorg speed in mempool (#4706) (a3b529a)
  • wallet: fixes bug in fetch_by_commitment (#4703) (97b01c2)