December 02, 2022

By stringhandler

Tari Base Node v0.42.0 Released

This week Tari Base Node v0.42.0 was released. Although the major version has been updated, it is only a breaking change for the igor testnet. In this version, validator node registration was updated with the recent changes to RFC-313. Since validator nodes registration is disabled on Esmeralda, no reset or hard fork is needed. Unless you’re part of the core dev team working on the RFC-313 implementation, you are running on Esmeralda. The majority of changes in this release relate to hardening and tidying up the code. Extra safeguards have been put in place to prevent sensitive data, like secret keys, from ever being accidentally written to logs. We’ve also gone and made extra sure that the memory that holds secrets gets wiped once the key isn’t needed anymore.

Here is the full list of changes in v0.42.0:


  • core: sort validator set by shard key (#4952)
  • implement validator node registration as per RFC-0313 (#4928)


Bug Fixes

  • ci: update libtari_wallet_ffi sha256sums (#4968) (5de63d3)
  • console wallet timestamp display (#4942) (baa196f)
  • core: sort validate set by shard key (#4952) (349d429)
  • hide sensitive data on tari repo (see issue #4846) (#4967) (bcc47e1)
  • minimize potential memory leaks of sensitive data on the wallet code (#4953) (e364994)
  • node gets banned on reorg (#4949) (5bcf6e5)
  • wallet: fix wallet_setting keys (#4976) (f2cbe6f)
  • wallet: invalid metadata sig when creating code template utxo (#4975) (a8e2e00)
  • wallet: slightly improve error output for failed decryption (#4972) (b2370b1)