April 05, 2023

By swvheerden

This week in Tari

Breaking changes

Another release, another breaking change. Jokes aside as we move closer and closer to a release we are trying to optimize the code base and include all features that might require hard forks.

Signature change

We have changed how the signature challenge is constructed in (#5282). This allows us to better support hardware devices in the future by limiting the amount of data that needs to be transferred to sign transactions.

Key management

We are busy refactoring how the code base handles private keys. As part of this, we have moved the key manager service out of the wallet, to be part of the key manager crate. This will allow all base layer code to reference the key manager trait and allow the Dan layer to use the key manager without including the wallet. (#5284)

Genesis blocks

In continuing our release process, detailed here, we have added the release dates to the genesis blocks for the next releases of the development branch (aka when the current development code will go those networks). (#5283)

Wallet Password flow

We have added a password check to warn users if bad or weak passwords have been chosen for their wallets, but it would only print out a warning. We have now changed the UI flow to query the user if they want to change the password. (#5279)

And finally, here is the complete list of features and fixes we’ve made from version 0.49.0-pre.2 to 0.49.0-pre.6

0.49.0-pre.6 (2023-04-05)


  • move key manager service to key_manager (#5284)
  • add igor faucet (#5281)
  • reset dates for networks (#5283)


Bug Fixes

0.49.0-pre.5 (2023-04-04)


  • change signature construction to allow better HW support (#5282)


Bug Fixes

  • ensures mutable MMR bitmaps are compressed (#5278) (dfddc66)

0.49.0-pre.4 (2023-03-24)


0.49.0-pre.3 (2023-03-20)

Bug Fixes

  • reduce warn log to debug in utxo scanner (#5256) (3946641)
  • wallet sending local address out to network (#5258) (6bfa6f9)

0.49.0-pre.2 (2023-03-16)

Bug Fixes