July 17, 2023

By Cayle Sharrock

TariScript at Blockchain '23

Tari was recently represented at the International Congress of Blockchains and Applications (Blockchain ‘23) in lovely Guimarães, Portugal.

Blockchain '23 Guimarães, Portugal. Photo credit: Cayle Sharrock

The paper, titled TariScript: Bringing dynamic scripting to Mimblewimble, went through a full peer-review process and will be published in the conference proceedings. For those who don’t wish to wait, you can download the preprint now.


The acceptance and publication of the paper is acknowledgement by the broader crypto community that Tari is making significant original contributions to the space.

If you find the paper a little dense, RFC-201 is an approachable alternative, while going into considerably greater detail than the paper’s 10-page limit allows.

If this is still over your head, then perhaps our ECC primer on Youtube is the introduction you are looking for.