November 29, 2023

By stringhandler

Progress Update on Tari

It’s been a while since we last updated you on the progress of the Tari Second Layer. Here are some key developments we’ve been working on:

Enhancing Cross Shard Transaction Reliability

Tari’s Cerberus implementation efficiently manages cross-shard transactions, but our focus has been on exploring reliable broadcast mechanisms. These efforts aim to ensure seamless information transfer across shards without any loss. Within each shard, the committee utilizes Hotstuff. While Hotstuff comes with intrinsic tools for detecting missing messages, these are not available for sending between shards. For those seeking in-depth information on how we’re solving this, more details are available in the RFC.

Testing Registration and Consensus on Igor

We’re using the igor testnet to register Validator Nodes and Code Templates. Currently, we’re operating a single validator, but the network is open for registering and testing templates. To minimize disruption for other users, we suggest holding off on registering a validator node for now. Should you wish to contribute to testing this aspect, please reach out to us via Discord or Telegram.

Otherwise, feel free to register Code Templates and test them out. If you are, we’d love to know about it.

Awesome Tari Page

A curated List of Awesome Projects on Tari is now available. Are you engaged in a fascinating project on Tari? Feel free to submit a PR with a link to your work. Furthermore, if you’re searching for ways to get involved, this serves as an excellent starting point to explore and contribute to ongoing projects.