December 14, 2023

By SW van Heerden

First Release Candidate

It’s been a long journey. Believe me, no-one wants to see mainnet launch more than the group of core developers that have been building Tari for the last 4 years.

Today marks another milestone on that journey. And this marker indicates that our destination is just over the horizon.

The audit of the base node and wallet is now complete, and all identified issues have been addressed. The comprehensive Audit report will be made publicly available shortly.

Release candidate

What does this mean? It means that we are now believe we have the code, barring a few final adjustments, that will be running mainnet Minotari chain.

So we are thrilled to announce our first release candidate for the Tari suite.

It is crucial to emphasize that this is not the mainnet release; for example, the emission curve is still using testnet parameters. But it does represent our last test drive of the code in the wild before the big show.

We’ve decided to release this code on the nextnet network as per our release schedule policy and not on stagenet as with previous releases.

We’d love you to kick the tires. Join us in our Discord and Telegram channels to give your feedback, and help ensure a seamless and uneventful mainnet launch!


To obtain the release candidate:

Visit the Tari website website, select Nextnet as your network, and initiate the download. (Note for Mac users: Choose arm64 for Apple Silicon.) Alternatively, utilize Github. Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate binaries for your system, launch the binaries following the on-screen instructions. We released an updated start guide a few weeks ago, which should assist those encountering difficulties.

Reporting bugs

If you encounter challenges, seek assistance in our discord or telegram groups, where helpful members are available to support you.

In the event you discover a bug, please report it on discord, telegram or github. Your feedback is invaluable in enhancing the platform.