February 23, 2024

By CjS77

Documentation updates

We’re pleased to announce a few big updates in Tari’s documentation efforts.

Tari Aurora

First up, @NovaT82 has put together the first series of videos walking you through the functionality of the Tari Aurora wallet.

You can see the video catalogue on the Tari Aurora site.

This first set of videos focuses on the bare essentials of sending and receiving Tari, as well as connecting a Yat to your wallet.

Future videos will explore some of the lesser-known features of the wallet, including UTXO (e-note) management, back-ups, and bug reporting.

Tari Launchpad

We’ve also been working on the Tari Launchpad documentation.

The Tari Launchpad guide has been updated in the last week. Aaaand… we added a video that gets you going with Tari mining in under (almost) five minutes!

Check it out in the launchpad guide, or from our YouTube channel.